Sunday, May 12, 2013

Modern Healthcare - Extending the Reach

Somewhere, overshadowed by the traditional cynicism of West Bengal and it's governance, someone is doing something right.  Somehow, in the great Trinamool vs CPM battle, doctors have started reaching their respective Out Patient Departments (OPDs)! They are reaching on time, staying the full time and providing medicines free of cost to those category of people who need it the most. What is more amazing, Government Dispensaries are being cleaned more than once a day...and cleaned well! 

So how did it happen? And more importantly what happened?

Some bureaucrat, (yes, some of them actually know their jobs and when left alone to do it, produce wonders) managed to put in place a system where the doctors and medics were only paid if they reached their place of work. They had to go there and send an SMS from their mobiles in which some app had been loaded which proved their location which was uploaded onto a terminal on the Health Secretary's office from where he could monitor them. 

Cool? Now this is real Modern Healthcare - not just about cutting edge technology, but taking technology to where it matters the most - to the masses. Hence, high quality and high-penetration medical care which is simple, implementable and affordable thanks to health insurance, is the key. 

Apollo Hospitals have been Touching Lives since 1983. Their cutting edge facilities have changed the way people perceive medicine. Initiatives such as Apollo Reach , the Aragonda Re 1/per day insurance scheme and the Saving a Child's Heart Initiative (SACHi) are as path breaking as technological innovations and probably have more impact in keeping with the CSR aims of the group. 

This post is for the Apollo Hospitals 'How Modern Healthcare touches lives?' contest in conjunction with Indiblogger


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