Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hair and Their and Every Where!

'The Hair is always straighter on the Other Girl's Head',
I said, 
to my wife, 
my better half, 
now my bitter half,
discreetly suppressing my laff 

Bitter about her tresses,
Always caused distresses. 
Those lovely curls,
These girls, 
Think they look good only when they wear the other's mane
What a pain. 

Straight hair is a dream...
'Here try this cream', 
I absent mindedly hand her a bottle - 
What a scream!
And she moves in to throttle
And hurls the plastic moisturizer bottle,
At me, who else. 

I google and I surf, 
Uneasy on my turf, 
When the maroon line, 
Seems to define the mood, 
It says,
I say, 'Oh Good'!

I tell her 'Biwi, Ruko
Aa gayi hain Yuko'
The Sunsilk Mehmaan, 
From Japaan. 
She looks at me quizzically, 
I explain logically. 

'Just wait
Lot of big bigg words, 
But it probably works,'

Excited she is, 
With her new find, 
Suddenly I have graduated from Zero, 
To Hero.

She tries it. 
Slowly it starts, 
The frizziness departs,
Shiny and soft, 
The curls unfurl, 
In two weeks flat.

It works!!!
Not for me though, 
I would prefer my girl, 
With her original curls.

But no problem,
You see,
This too shall pass, 
Curls are class,
And soon, for the next season's girls, 
Yamashita ji will be back with Sunsilk Perfect Curlz!!!

This post is a part of the Indiblogger contest Sunsilk Perfect Straight.


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