Friday, December 13, 2013

Life is a please don't Ration my Jamaican Passion!

Jamaican Passion,
Is part of my ration!
And let me clarify,

Lime is fine, 
But not sublime, 
And to compare it with my JP,
Is an outright crime!

Cranberry is cool, 
But don't be a fool, 
No berry can beat, 
JP is a treat.

You can have your Orange
But for me...I'll scavenge, 
The stores for my ration, 
My Jamaican Passion!

Blackberry Crush
May give you a rush, 
Feel free, 
But leave me alone 
With my JP!

So you like Island Pineapple?
But I'd rather grapple, 
And sell to my nation, 
My beloved Jamaican Passion.

The fact of the matter,
The only reason, 
I like to drink, 
(And that's no cause for treason...) 
Is you actually can't beat,
The Jamaican Passion

[This is my ode to and the Jamaican Passion...I am loving it ;)]

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