Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leh 2010: A Trip of a Lifetime - 3

I made my first set of blunders at Kyelang. We drank a lot the night we reached and then next morning we set off for Pang, on an empty stomach. By the time we reached Sarchu, I had totally dehydrated and had to take an hour long recovery break with Diamox (we thought the fatigue was to do with high-altitude) and lots of water. Having recovered partly we took off for Pang. By the time we reached Pang it was late evening and we stayed at the Army Transit Camp. I could barely drive. I was  cursing my stupidity. The other two were less affected and had the benefit of being ten years younger. 

That's us...having a grossly delayed breakfast at Sarchu.

The first major landmark that we hit was the Gata Loops patch. 

Looking down at the Gata Loops from the top. 

Looking back at the rest of the team in the rear view mirror. Shortly after this snap I had a fall and the mirror broke!
Somewhere enroute we crossed the wonderfully musical sounding Twing Twing Bridge!

Nature had really laid out the Red Carpet for us. 

It is after Sarchu that we leave Himachal Pradesh and enter Jammu and Kashmir. This side of J&K (Ladakh side) is stark and barren as you will see in the snaps of the More Plains. Probably to break the monotony of the scenery, the Ladakhi prayer flags are extremely colourful and look awesome in the wind. 
The night halt at Pang was uneventful. We rested and by next morning we were ready to hit the More Plains. 

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  1. I really like the rear view mirror pic. LOL@ imagining the fall afterwards!!

    and lovely pink carpet... can't get over the red one?!!


  2. Restless,

    good, the 'red carpet' was not on my mind!

    thanks for visiting.