Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leh 2010: A Trip of a Lifetime - 4 (More Plains)

The More Plains are a bikers delight. Approximately 40 km in length, it is wide and plain and awesome. I will let the snaps speak for themselves. 

Entering the plains...
And off we go...that speck on the track is a bike.
It is difficult to describe the immense size of the place, the solitude and the silence - disturbed only by the sounds of the bikes roaring across. 
BD overtakes me while I stop to shoot snaps. The road varies between dirt track to black top in stages. 
Now Kartik overtakes me as well. 
At one point Kartik and I decided to leave the track and drive right upto the base of the mountains. From that point I took a snap of BD waiting for us on the road. The snap below shows how far off we went. The road was roughly in the centre of the valley and thus the width of the valley must have been double the distance to the road!
That black dot in the centre is BD on his bike waiting on the road. 

More follows...


  1. Simply wonderful pictures. So serene!!

  2. gr8 pics...that tops my list of places to go before i die...

  3. Wow!! Awesome pics!! out of this world!!

    And hey restless souldier, welcome back :)


  4. Vyankatesh, SUB & Restless,

    thanks for the appreciation folks.

    stay tuned in...