Friday, September 04, 2009

First 500 kms...

I have completed the first 500 kms...529kms to be precise when I rolled into the service centre for the first free service. Here is my take on the bike so far:
Engine - nice, good pick up, poor sound (will need to change that silencer soon)
Gears - not nice, same Bullet problem, goes into false neutral and so on. Pity RE could not address this...
Ergonomics - nice considering I was apprehensive about the cruiser style. The bike is surprisingly zippy considering it is a TBTS. Migrants from the Japanese style bikes should not have a problem with this. Good for city commuting as some extent.
Crib - the trouser bottom keeps getting stuck in the foot rest! How do i avoid this?
So far so to see how the next 2500kms fares.
Safe riding.

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