Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boys will be Boys

The snap says it all...
The Brat (mine, see the first post below) was asked to pose with the lovely Zoya (Zu for short) with the TBTS in the background. Zu immediately perked up to the event and very coyly put her head on shoulder and just as her dad clicked, The Brat decided to investigate the gearbox!
Boys will be Boys!

BTW: The 100km ride never happened since I got called to office, but I did manage a 40 km run during the week and a 60 km run the next week end. Will try a longer run tomorrow...


  1. Very sweet would great to go for a 100Km ride and drive..your bike and my SUV...what say? and see birds and click pics..

  2. very very very cute pic... i am 23, and would someday like to own a t-bird and then have a daughter like you :)... best wishes...

  3. Hi Jame,

    thanks. actually the girl is not mine. she is Monsoon Man's daughter. the boy is mine.

    would love to read your blog. do send me an invite!