Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Signs of the Times (and the Place)!

This is a compilation of the various interesting signboards and hoardings that I saw during the trip to Kashmir in June 2010.
Drass fall enroute from Srinagar to Kargil and is now better known for the Kargil War of 1999.

Zoji La is well known in Indian military history for the 1947-48 Indo-Pak war. This battlefield saw the use of tanks - the only time that tanks were used at such a height anywhere in the world.

A little bit of military history - please pardon the spelling mistakes.
This lovely signboard was in the Drass War Memorial - it reflects a nice and positive outlook of the person who got it made - an essential attitude for survival in such bleak places.

In the Kargil War we lost six boys - these Immortals live on in our memories and their names can be seen engraved in stone in the Drass War Memorial.

 Darchik is a famous village in Kargil district for apparently having the purest race of Aryans in the world. It became famous a few years back when some German ladies landed up to get themselves impregnated so as to give birth to pure Aryans! No, we do not know whether they succeeded.

Schemes such as these ones have given a boost to the area. They generate employment and help develop the area. 

I was really flummoxed with the choice of advertisements on the shikaras - Lux Cozi Innerwear - no issues as a product but it seems a bit inappropriate.

This was another thing I found really funny - all shikaras were advertising 'Full Spring Seats'! Dunno who it would matter to considering that one is unlikely to do any bouncing up and down on the shikara.


  1. Restless, aprt from profile name, there is one more thing common between us! I found out after seeing ur blog.
    secondly, u mentioned about signs of the times. did u ever send any entry for times of india newspaper with this coloumn name??

    and i must say, ur observation is amazing, great blog to come back to.

    ok now go Full Spring!!!!


    thanks for visiting virtually all my recent entries.

    actually I have sent them an entry but the email ID bounced. for some reason the email ID would not work.

    what i wanted to send them was a sign i saw beside a pond inside Fatehpur Sikri which read 'The depth of the water is deep'!

    Lets see if i can locate the snap - will put it up on the blog.

    So what is the other thing that we have in common?

  3. restless souldier! i really liked the pics. acutally i cud relate to it so much that wanted to c all.

    u know what, i sent a pic to signs of the times, it got published too! might upload on my blog. but, i cudnot believe it, that they just forgot about my prize! ( magpie something). It was not about prize, but about he excitement attached to it, as it was the first ever thing I had WON in my life like that! I tried their office, but no one seems to know abt the coloumn. I posted a mail head of TOI (forgot name), but still no response. I was aghast to know that a elite newspaper like that could be so sarkari types!! i left it, but always wanted to find ppl, who had the same fate as mine. that's why asked u abt it. But u must send ur entry, its real fun to c ur name there!!

  4. Restless,

    great ...up must put up the snap on your blog.