Monday, July 12, 2010


One comes across this sign board on a road in Kashmir. The aim is to caution drivers not to halt in the area to avoid getting shelled by enemy artillery. But this post is not about that enemy - it is about how appropriate this sign board is in our daily life. 

Remember this sign post when:

- You are out shopping in the mall with wife and kid in tow, and you happen to find your self ogling at some nubile nymphs in tights!

- Same setting as above, now you are lusting for the latest Canon EOS 7D or some other gizmo when your wife wants you to buy her a diamond pendant. 

- You are checking Facebook in office. 

- You have invited your friends over and have been drinking way past the dinner time, conspicuously ignoring her signs to lead them to the dinner laid out on the table, after having been re-heated twice.

- You leave the wet towel on the bed. 

-  Your wife catches you eyeing her best friend's features with more than casual interest. 

These were just a few I could think off - please feel free to add more as comments. 


  1. u watching itsy bitsily clad chicks on tv and ur child walks in, may be, trying to think from a guy's perspective!!


    nice one.

    this reminds me of the time my son, then yet to be weaned, was watching TV with my wife and me. I was flicking through channels and paused at FTV which was showing lingerie (naturally).

    One of the better-endowed skimpily clad voluptuous models came sauntering down the walkway and my son goes - 'Mamma, du du!'(milk)

    My wife and I were on the floor laughing our guts out.