Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gender Bender Moments: Second Attempt

During my first attempt at writing Gender Bender Moments, I, as a friend would say - 'bhawnao main behe giya' ! As a result I put down only two points against the authorised ten. A deficiency of eight. So this post is to make amends for that. Starting from the beginning.

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes.

1. I have done embroidery once and loved it. Really found in therapeutic under the circumstances.

2. Written a book on Women and Peacekeeping! Hope to get it published someday soon.

3. I wear orange coloured running shoes! And that construes a gender stereo-type violation for me.

4. I love cooking and rue that I don't cook more often. My speciality - the BBQ.
5. Invariably when watching sentimental scenes I get this speck of dust in my eyes and they start watering over. And when I try to surreptitiously wipe of the water, I get accused by my wife of getting senti ;-)

6. I am all for women driving and especially for putting the car back into the garage at night. But seriously I believe all women should be able to drive - it is essential - how else will the men be able to get back from parties stone drunk with all the breathalyser tests nowadays.

7. I absolutely detest cricket. Absolutely. I am football guy.

8. I can clear the table after a meal better and faster than anyone else in the house - and I enjoy doing it - when I do it that is!

9. I actually believe in women's rights and not just in their wrongs.

10. I can catch snakes - even poisonous ones with my bare hands etc - BUT i am absolutely petrified of uncomfortable with cockroaches.

There. That's done with. Now I tag Witty Jester Sreekanth Arpana ...more when I come across them.


  1. #9 and #10 are my faves.

    Now it's more looking like a list and I feel like a strict school teacher grading your paper.

  2. 6. And if women are SAGS (Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes) - and they too drink then?

    10. I am the same, I don't understand how someone can hate snakes. Makes is fellows in sin ;)

  3. Hi IHM,

    Can't join the 101 sinners since I am not on Facebook - account was deactivated recently.

    About No 6. Between wife and I we decide who gets to get drunk - the other one does not drink. Since she rarely want's to drink more than one, she gets to do most of the driving. But sometimes...

  4. Hi restless, i like ur orange running shoes, i like that u like women drivers! i like ur hating cricket ! also also ur being senti and the best of all i like no. 8!!!

    very interesting!


  5. good! word verification is gone, now ppl can comment more often!