Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Anniversary Post: One year of blogging!

It started with this post. One year, 14 friends and followers, 35 posts and 945 visitors later...as they say ' I am loving it'.

Here's why:

I love writing and I love to know what people think about my writing. (Hint: Comments!)

I love to interact with other people - across the blog.

I enjoy the sense of recording things for posterity.

In my blog I can truly be myself.

It gives me an outlet - to take out my feelings.

Here's to many more years of blogging.

Wish me luck folks.


  1. Wow! one year! I think its really an achievement, because ppl start with full steam and then leave it. It great that u had been consistently blogging for one year. I got to learn this from you!

    Heartiest congratulations!


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  3. Hi Restless,

    thanks for the wishes.

    all i can say is take it easy, keep a long term perspective, develop a pattern for posting and lage raho.