Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Beauty: The Third Dimension

Whaddya know! This is now a prize-winning entry at the
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Beauty is a three-dimensional word. Now I know of many women who would give a wry smile when I add the third dimension to beauty, however I am not referring to figurative  literal aspects, strictly literal figurative (pun intended)! But seriously, beauty is actually multi-dimensional. 

What beauty is definitely not, is some perfectly anorexic model peeking out of some perfect magazine wearing some perfect make-up, photographed by some perfect glamour photographer coaxing you to buy an absolutely perfect fairness cream to end up looking like her, as many a girl would believe.

No. Beauty is much more than that. 

This is a man's view on Real Beauty - and what it takes to be one. And for those who would have the best of both, you could always visit Yahoo! Real Beauty.

Basics. First and foremost a Real Beauty has to be a good human being. It is as simple as that. Herein lies the essence of beauty in a person - an essential attribute for a Real Beauty. She should be a balanced person and have a healthy mix of all attributes. She is not perfect mind you; perfection is for the glossies; but she is real. Human, humane, proud and humble at the same time. Sounds like a bundle of contradictions? Look again - around you, inside you and you are likely to find her. 

Elegance. Elegance is not the domain of the rich and the well heeled. Nor the well endowed. Elegance is how you carry yourself. It is the charm that you exude. The enthusiasm that you share, with others, with yourself...with someone. Elegance is another way of looking at grace. Elegance endures...and adds to Real Beauty. 

Attitude. There is nothing negative about having an attitude. Attitude is about independence. It is about having a view and not being scared about it. It is believing in oneself and having confidence in ones beliefs. Just because you have an attitude, it is not necessary to show it...but when challenged, you can display it gracefully and firmly. That is attitude. A Real Beauty is a Woman of Substance...a woman who has the attitude but does not feel the need to display it just because she has it. 

Universality. A Real Beauty exists independent of nation, state, borders, caste, creed, class or whatever other divisive lines mankind can think of. She can be found in slums, in palaces, in Switzerland or Surat, in her eighties or in her teens. Just look around...

Tenacity. Life is not a bed of roses - unfortunately, even for the Real Beauties! It is in adversity that real beauty shines through. Life is all about tragedy, grief, difficult times...which happens to everyone. A Real Beauty is tenacious. She fights through every battle for whatever she believes in. She wins some and walks home with her head held high. She loses some and walks home with her head held high. Irrespective. 

Youthfulness. Youthfulness is a function of mind...not age. Of attitude. Not altitude. It is of being a grandmother to a teenage hormone-charged girl. It is having the ability to appreciate the follies of her youth knowing fully well that she is hurtling down the alley of romantic doom with her eyes wide shut. And being there for her when the inevitable happens. Of wiping her tears. And then letting her onto some secrets of her life...with a twinkle in her eyes. Youthfulness is being young at heart even at the twilight of life. Real Beauty is not a factor of age...because 'Age is Just Another Number'

That folks is my take on Real B-E-A-U-T-Y. beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,
Not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues.

Love's Labours Lost, 1588

This post is in response to the Dove 'What does real beauty mean to you?' contest on Indiblogger. To know more on this do visit Yahoo!Real Beauty. If you liked my writing, you can comment below. 

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  1. Really Beautiful perception! The closing lines just added that extra charm to the entire article...Well Done, Good Luck :)

  2. Wow! I'm speechless!!!!

    U wrote so well! Completely agree with u that pride and humbleness can co-exist.

    Beautiful post RS


  3. Wow..!!I am spellbound by your words.!!
    Really a good article and it deserves prize.:)
    keep blogging

  4. Very nice, indeed. Also thank you for letting my Mother know through your comment that she won a prize for her blog

  5. Hi Raji, Thanks for appreciating.Am a fan of your mother...ladies like her make the world go round!

    Sanjeetha, thanks for your appreciation.

    Restless, speechless? thanks a ton.

    Arti, thanks for appreciating and congrats to you too!

  6. Hey CONGRATS!!!!!!!

    You deserved it Restless Souldier! Very happy for you! :D


  7. Wow!!... spellbound. Crafted creatively with beautiful details and liberal views that speaks volumes about your inner depth and sensitivity.

    Wonder what is ‘RESTLESS’?.... when it sounds so resilient & reassured