Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Look Blog!

Welcome to my new look blog!

The main changes are:

~Addition of a new sidebar to the right side of the main column

~Increasing the overall width of the blog to accommodate the second column

~Re-arranging the widgets to 'balance the load' on both sides of the main column

Do take a look and comment.

It took me four long hours and a lot of experimenting before I got it right.

The motivation was this post by Swathi Pradeep on one of her 15 blogs - gosh how does she manage it - called Thanks Swathi.

I also benefitted a lot from this post by Lawny, a self taught web designer and developer. Thanks Lawny. 

For the technically inclined - I had actually managed to increase the overall width of the template quite easily. However, what took time was understanding the floats.     


  1. Glad that you could actually manage to deal with the HTML codes. I so want to fall in love with HTML, again. Damned, my life!

  2. RS, it looking nice! good! but did u acutally did something with the HTML CODE? am so scared to do that. from which site did u take this template. even i am thinking of changing.

  3. Hi Restless & Arjit,

    thanks for your comments.

    Restless -> it took a while but when you actually read the code, it begins to make some sense. When it does not make sense is the time to change one number and then see the effect it had on the blog and then get back to undo that number etc...till we finally get what we were looking for! Painful process unless you really know the codes.

    This template is the Minima Lefty from blogger. I then tweaked it to add the third sidebar.