Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heroism for Hijras: Eunuchs to join the Indian Army

Shri Tako Dabi, Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister has sent a letter to Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram to offer this idea for the improved defence of the country. 'Why can't there be a separate regiment of eunuch community in our country?'

'This community would discharge (!) their duties effectively on the international border if enough scope is created for them.'

The Hindustan Times article Happy Clappy Brigade says that there is nothing like a horde of eunuchs clapping the enemy to death and threatening to lift their petticoats if the adversary does not give ground!

Personally I have nothing against hijras - but where the hell did this come from? I close my eyes and try to visualise how these err...people would fit into our army and then I shudder at the thought of having a battalion of hijras to command.

Please lets have a more humane approach to the hijras - and the army. One is sure that the honourable minister can do more in his ministry than trying to palm of the responsibility of the welface of eunuchs to the armed forces.

In any case I think we have enough in the army as it is - figuratively that is.


  1. Frankly, I think its a good idea! These people behave the way they do 'cos they have no other option. Biologically, eunuchs are very strong... the army could fairly well utilise this by channelising their strength adequately.

  2. Hi Richa,

    Firstly thanks for going through my blog.

    "...'cos they have no other option."

    Like I said initially, I have nothing against them - but why does the army have to be the first option? If we refuse, then it becomes a case of the army trying to assert itself and possibly overthrow the democratic government!

    Actually the army is still trying to come to terms with women - and that too in the officer rank - there are no women soldiers in the army. The problem is that the army is comprised of people from our society with all its prejudices and flaws. Hence it is difficult for our men to accept women - even as officers, leave alone women soldiers. A start has been made and slowly acceptance is increasing.

    Now coming to eunuchs - the role of the armed forces is to protect our borders etc. It is NOT an employment agency or an NGO etc. Protecting our borders is full time no-compromise job. The armed forces are an instrument of Last Resort - not First Aid!

    I personally feel that enough can be done in the civilian spectrum. Let the central government reserve them for being bus drivers, conductors, police constables, clerks in govt offices, nurses, train drivers or what ever - why army.

    We have a tough job as it is!

    I hope I have been able to put forth the argument logically and without any bias towards this community.

    I seriously have nothing against them.

  3. Well, if not a regiment, you certainly shouldn't have a problem with transgenders, or gays and lesbians too in joining the Army like any other person. I don't think their gender or sexuality has anything to do with the efforts required to serve in military. I mean US army has transgenders and I am not going to argue that they are a weaker force. While I agree there are many places they can be helped in civilian spectrum, I believe representation here would help in that cause.
    -An Anonymous Gay Indian