Saturday, May 29, 2010

'Brown Sahibs' and 'CIMPCOR'

As the nation seems to be slipping surely, and by no means slowly, into the abyss of Naxal violence, the options are slowly reducing. The need to secure the immediate future is overshadowing the need for long term action that will be essential for a decisive and lasting solution to tackle the menace. I am attaching links to two articles which provide a perspective of the way forward in the long term.

The first highlights the ills that plague the Brown Sahibs - the Indian Police Service in terms of quantum of officers and their age profiles. The comparison with the officers of the Armed Forces is only to be expected since these IPS officers are expected to do, in Naxal-dominated areas, what the Army officers have done in Kashmir and the North-East.

The second one is a detailed study of the methodology of how to attain the desired end-state in the Naxal scenario. The author clearly brings out that the security forces cannot bring about the desired end-state by themselves and hence the need for civilian cooperation and joint civil military operations. He proposes an organisation called CIMPCOR to execute this task. In my previous posts I have dwelt on both these aspects, though in a different perspective. While I brought out the role of the security forces in the post entitled Reena's Woes, my post on Administrative Quick Reaction Teams forms the first step in the path towards the endgame.
It will be a long night...

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