Friday, November 06, 2009

Training for the Half Marathon

I am always very cautious when returning to a sport...even something as 'simple' as running. The risk of injury increases with age and can really upset the training schedule; hence the caution. That is why I decided to go in for some coaching and approached a clinic called Back2Fitness (B2F) run by a running enthusiast, Dr. Rajat Chauhan. We met around 19 Sep for the first time where he analysed our gait and told us which type of shoes to select. Incidentally, there are essentially three types of gaits: neutral, pronation & supination. I was declared a neutral. After a few more basics about the type of running T-shirts, shorts, caps & socks, we did a trial run. This was done a 2.75km track and I took 16 mins 40 secs. I was told that translates to 2 hrs 22 mins. Anyway, within two days I had zipped off to Kolkata for my vacations, but I did manage to practise there. They kept mailing me what to do over each week and we did that. In addition we had two supervised sessions a week wherein we ran under the supervision of the coach and physiotherapists. To sum up I ran 110 kms before I ran the race out of which 108 km approximately were run in the new Nike Avant + shoes. I hope this helps those interested in starting running as a sport.
Here is the link of the guys with whom I trained -


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