Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birds: Oriental Honey-buzzard

This Oriental Honey-buzzard, Pernis ptilorhyncus, landed on a tree outside my house this afternoon. Raptor challenged that I am, it took a mail to Delhi Birds to confirm the ID. Page 139 of Birds of Prey of the Indian Subcontinent added more information. The opening sentence is 'Usually perches in foliage, rarely in open', amazingly accurate. The snap describes the sentence aptly.
The Oriental Honey-buzzard gets it name from its habit of feeding on bees and wasps. The pigeon or cuckoo like head is considered diagnostic in identification of this bird. The bird is a resident and is widespread across the subcontinent.

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  1. the photograph is fantastic. clarity, totally in focus..seems you can bloe it up for a large frame and the framing itself is really nice dude.Shuchi