Monday, August 03, 2009

Delhi resources for Bullet owners...

My Old Bull, 1979 Model.

Hi Folks,

I spent the better part of a day last week scouring the Karol Bagh area for accessories for my TBTS. Here are my findings:

I went and met Ashish Nayyar. A big guy in a small store jam packed with what I call Bullet-aphernalia. Chances are you will find anything you need to spruce up the bike. Exhaustive website.

Run by Chris and Vivien Harlen, this is a good place to try for stuff. I bought a cover for the TBTS for Rs 400/-. The material is thick and almost like tarpaulin. Took two trips since the first one was small. He located a bigger one and called me in a day and I collected it from there. Getting to his place is a bit of a pain. They have just taken over the place last year and seem to be going through a rough patch now. Hope they can pull it through. A decent website.

Also called New Delhi Motorcycle House, this tiny shop is quite well stocked. They too have a very decent website, but it needs to be Search Engine Optimised since it did not show up even on the 4th and 5th pages of google. Visited them to get a fuel tap lock fitted since there is an issue of fuel theft in my colony.

Hope this helps.

Ride Safe...


  1. hi sir . i m a bullet entusiast and having 350 std. for quite some time i am looking to change the rear mudgard to that of classic but not getting the same on any shop of east delhi. sir , where can i get it from and would it be already painted or i have to get the same and what would be the cost. waiting for reply
    Abhay singh

  2. Hi Abhay,

    try Jain Enfield...but before that check with the service centre whether the mudguard will fit or not.